Inbox Expo Valencia: International Email Marketing and Deliverability Conference

Join us, and 200 industry leaders next month, at Inbox Expo Valencia and meet face-to-face or online to learn from and network with 25 international speakers.

The Inbox Expo attracts leading experts in email, marketing, CRM, deliverability, privacy, and security. This event, in Valencia Spain, will last 3 days and begin on December 14th, 2021.

Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, said “I am very pleased to endorse because my entire life is based upon email”.

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to meet email learn from brand-side professionals at companies like WeTransfer and as well as founders and thought-leaders from the vendor-side of the messaging industry, including Email Industries and SocketLabs.

Email Industries CEO, Scott Hardigree, stated, “I’m thrilled that all three of our brands, Email Industries, BlackBox, and AlfredKnows could be a sponsor.” The conference features smart industry leaders as well as content that covers all aspects of email from strategy to implementation. It is truly the best conference for companies that rely on email to drive revenue.

“Some people participate to make new friends”—said Dennis Dayman, 25-year privacy professional and advisor to Email Industries—”Others give back because it just feels good. There are many reasons people participate, beyond the simple goodness of their hearts (though that’s certainly an important one!). And oftentimes, it’s a combination of factors that motivates a person to begin—and continue— participate. For me, it really is about teaching others and sharing experiences the same way someone did early in my career to make me successful. I have life experiences that can be beneficial to others in their careers and I feel that it is my time and purpose to give back wherever I can.”

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