Email Industries Joins The Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC)

Email Industries has been admitted into a highly competitive and selective Accelerate program at Advanced Technology Development Center, or ATDC. This comes after rounds of testing and approvals as this program is incredibly exclusive. This invitation allows Email Industries access to funding and networking opportunities with customers and investors throughout the Southeast. 

The mission of the ATDC is to provide support and mentorship to Georgia startups and small businesses that are developing technology in a variety of industries. There are 160 companies currently in the ATDC program cycles. Email Industries is one of only four in their martech accelerate portfolio

There are three cycles in the ATDC program that can only be accessed in a specific order: Educate > Accelerate > Signature. The Accelerate Program connects mature startups and businesses with a highly engaged audience of customers and consumers. With access to this pool, Email Industries hopes to expand its footprint and earn the love of customers across Georgia, the Southeast, and beyond. 

As email deliverability experts we’re committed to making deliverability better for email senders and vendors. This is achieved with services and product-based solutions including AlfredKnows, our recently launched email list hygiene product.

The invitation to the ATDC Accelerate Program is an honor for Email Industries, showing the local and statewide community that engaging with email marketing and deliverability products is a viable, worthwhile investment.