AlfredKnows Exits Beta with “Goldilocks” Email List Hygiene Tool and Free Credits for Brands and Partners

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tools available.

That’s why entrepreneurs are still creating new solutions centered around the inbox, and that’s why we created AlfredKnows.

But despite email’s evergreen popularity and growing challenges around deliverability, the current list of hygiene solutions are not nearly simple or comprehensive enough.

So now, there’s an all-in-one tool that can virtually de-risk any email address, and the results are easy to implement.

These are five facts that modern marketers need to know about AlfredKnows.

What is AlfredKnows?

AlfredKnows is a threat detection and email validation service that helps small and medium businesses ensure proper inbox placement.

Uploading a list is all that’s required. AlfredKnows will evaluate any list, in nearly any format, for hidden threats and advise the user if the list should be hygiened before it is sent.

After the free evaluation is completed, users can pay to hygiene their list with AlfredKnows but keep in mind that this is much more than a basic email verification service. It includes contact validation, threat removal, and deliverability detection.

Perhaps best of all, our download feature allows marketers to choose which addresses to export according to crystal-clear quality scores (1-10 out of 10) and mailability classifications (Good, Risky, or Bad). 

How much does it cost? 

AlfredKnows is offering 5,000 free credits during the launch period.

Moving forward, new users can purchase credits that range from $0.01 to $0.0004 per email address, depending on the number of credits purchased. 

Note too that users only pay only for results they can use; if AlfredKnows can’t score an email address, or there are improperly formatted or duplicate addresses, credits will not be used.

Who competes with AlfredKnows?

Everyone knows that the email marketing industry is a competitive environment with rows and rows of names. Other email marketing companies in the email list segment include Kickbox and Webbula

What do the experts say?

“A world-class email list hygiene service from tried-and-true email geeks.”
– Andrew Bonar, emailexpert

“AlfredKnows is the winner…it outperforms in price, privacy, and performance.”
– Kumar Doultani, InboxArmy

Is there a partner program?

We offer a comprehensive channel partner program designed to supplement our direct selling initiatives. The channel program includes new business generation through referrals and resale relationships with ESPs, CRMs, and agencies.

As a part of the partner program, participating companies can integrate our evaluation and hygiene APIs into the solutions that they provide to their customers. To learn more, contact our partner team.

Interested in trying AlfredKnows?

We’re offering a generous freemium offer, including 5,0000 free credits and free list evaluations for life, to everyone who signs up at before 10/31/2021