Go beyond basic email verification.


Identify valid, deliverable contacts while removing dangerous ones.

Threat Removal – Removes bots, seeds, zombies, malicious contacts, and more.

Contact Validation – Performs multiple checks to ensure that your contact’s identity is valid.   

Deliverability Detection – Returns “Plain English” insights into the mailability of your contacts.

Easy to use

Know what’s bad, risky, or good—at a glance.

Bad – Malicious contacts, bots, zombies, bogus and invalid addresses.

Risky – Disposable, role-based, catch-all, seed addresses, and more.

Good – Valid and confirmed addresses with no-to-low known threats.

Worry-free as it should be.

We’re here to decrease your risk and your blood pressure.

Quick and Easy – Hygiene to your lists in minutes.

Friendly Support – Experts are available by phone, email, or chat.

Completely Compliant – Built-to-be GDPR compliant from the get-go. 

Get 250 Free Credits and Free List Evaluations

Whether you’re new to email verification and hygiene or have already established your process, you’ll absolutely love Alfred.