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For more than two decades, our email deliverability consultants and analysts have been helping the world’s best brands to hit the inbox—and stay there.

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Email Deliverability Services

We help organizations worldwide solve their most challenging email deliverability problems and guard against future disruptions.

Email Marketing Services

Working in concert with in-house stakeholders, we are often called upon for strategy and managed services.

Email List Hygiene

Alfred is a comprehensive email address threat detection and validation service that is powerful and easy to use.

Email Risk Scoring

Trusted by the world’s most respected vendors and senders, Blackbox is the missing dataset needed to run preemptive email risk assessments.



Email Industries was founded as a dedicated email marketing agency.


Moved the shop and team to Georgia to be closer to the heart of the email universe.

First Product

Launched BlackBox to preemptively assess the hidden risks in email lists.

European Tour

For the first time, the majority of our clients and users are based outside the USA.

Serious Talent

Adam Holden-Bache, former founder of Mass Transmit, joins as Lead Strategist.

New Brand

Indiemark rebrands as Email Industries to better reflect our mission.


Our better halves.

Ready to take the next step?

Leave a bigger footprint. Protect your greatest assets. You can do it all with Email Industries.

We wrote the book on email.

How to Win at B2B Email Marketing: A Guide to Achieving Success will guide you through all aspects of business-to-business email marketing, including strategy, data, design, copywriting, deliverability, testing and analysis. It will provide insight, tactics, tips, and takeaways that readers can implement to improve campaigns for their business.

Adam Q. Holden-Bache, Lead Strategist

Email deliverability insights served fresh.

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Inbox Expo Valencia: International Email Marketing and Deliverability Conference
Join us, and 200 industry leaders next month, at Inbox Expo Valencia and meet face-to-face or online to learn from and network with 25 international speakers. The Inbox Expo attracts leading experts in email, marketing, CRM, deliverability, privacy, and security. This event, in Valencia Spain, will last 3 days and begin on December …

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